10 Spring Cleaning Tips

March 1, 2013

Spring time is here, yet your house has that gloomy atmosphere of winter. Spring cleaning is not just about housekeeping, It’s an activity that should be viewed as both relaxing and refreshing since it will give you a head start for the new season. Here are ten things you can do to make your spring cleaning easier.


1. Create a cleaning list. Write down the cleaning tasks and the materials required to accomplish the task.

2. Shop for cleaning supplies that are proven effective.Cleaning materials that are of superior quality can cost more, but will save you time and effort. Instead of buying separate items for cleaning your windows, try a multi-purpose cloth duster that works well with different surfaces. Baking soda and vinegar are also very effective natural cleaning materials. There are also microfiber towels that can save you time and money since they are easier to use. Oil-based cleansers should only be used for furniture with wood surfaces. Metal frames and plastic should be cleaned with water-based cleansers.

3. A good vacuum cleaner is essential to make spring cleaning easier. If your house is big and your vacuum cleaner is small, find a vacuum cleaner that will not need to be emptied often.

4. Get rid of clutter first before cleaning. One of the biggest hassles of spring cleaning is getting rid of the extra clutter. Cleaning will be easier if the clutter is gone.

5. Avoid hoarding. Discard things that you don’t need such as old magazines, clothes and extra furniture. Spring time, can also be a great time to donate to charity or have a garage sale. Make your spring cleaning easier by having fewer items that you need to clean.

6. Make it a family affair. Preferably, don’t make your spring time cleaning a lone mission. Involve your family and friends so that you can have extra hands when you need to lift that heavy sofa. If there are few of you in the family or you are living alone, invite over your friends to help you with an “after-spring house-warming.” Entice them with a few treats or even a sumptuous dinner. This is also a great time for renewing the ties of friendship.

7. Be organized. Make spring cleaning easier by working in a systematic and orderly direction. For example, in cleaning a dining curio, clean from top to bottom. Also, try doing those tasks you consider laborious and take a long time to finish.

8. Outsource the job. There are usually local teens or students that are offering their services for spring cleaning. If you have a busy schedule, hire one. With a few dollars, you can save time. There are also business establishments that offer their service for spring cleaning, complete with their cleaning materials and provide an organized and skilled team.

9. Try a new look. It would take extra effort, but there are people who enjoy changing their decor and furniture cushions each season. It’s not about a total renovation, just place some extra fresh flowers on the table once in a while and change your pillow cases with bright colors. Hanging paintings of flowers and birds can also accentuate your home with the joys of spring.

10. Have a daily cleaning schedule. After cleaning, create an easier daily cleaning schedule. With fewer and easier tasks, your next spring cleaning will be a lot easier.

Post author Loren Pleet