Automobile Maintenance

March 1, 2013

If you want to save money on auto repair then you will want to plan ahead accordingly. Most car owners find that auto repair costs or the cost of auto parts can be extremely expensive, and therefore, auto owners seek out ways to prevent the need to visit auto repair shops.

First, every car owner should keep track of the auto repair and maintenance performed on their vehicle. By keeping careful track of auto repair and auto tune ups, a vehicle owner can successfully avoid incidents where he or she may forget if a particular repair took place. Tracking auto maintenance also allows one to know well in advance what upcoming maintenance is required, and therefore allows one to financially plan for necessary maintenance . Developing a simple checklist or keeping a notebook which documents everything from the last oil change to the last time the tires were changed on a vehicle will give one valuable information.


A few simple steps that a vehicle owner can benefit from which will indicate when auto maintenance is necessary.

Monthly check-up on a vehicle which includes an evaluation of the following:

  • Vehicle’s oil levels
  • The hoses within the engine compartment
  • Air pressure within the tires on the vehicle, and
  • A visual assessment of tire tread,
  • The condition of air filters,
  • The conditions of belts

Quarterly check-ups throughout the year should be conducted by the vehicle owner for the following:

  • Check the transmission and brake fluid in the vehicle to ensure that they are at appropriate levels
  • The condition of the battery terminals connecting the battery to the engine should also be checked to ensure that there is no corrosion that would impair the battery connection

Routine maintenance activities may eliminate the need for expensive auto repairs in the future.

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Post author Loren Pleet