Health Insurance Marketplace

June 27, 2013

A major change in the process of searching for health insurance is the upcoming Health Insurance Marketplace. The Marketplace is also known as the health insurance “exchange” and in California is run by the State.


Insurance plans that are available through the Marketplace are still from private insurance carriers such as Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California. The plans offered on the Marketplace will be standardized so that it is easy to compare price, benefits, and other features. There will be 4 different categories of Marketplace insurance plans, all of them offering the same set of essential health benefits. Some persons may be eligible for Federal subsidies based on their annual income.

When the Marketplace opens this October 1st it you should not limit your health insurance shopping only to the Marketplace. Insurance carriers will still be offering insurance plans outside of the exchange. This means that you need to compare all of the plans available to you, inside and outside the exchange. When open enrollment starts on October 1st, California Health Plans will have an online quoting system that will allow you to easily compare all plans.

Health Care Reform changes are vast and the upcoming launch of the Health Insurance Marketplace is just one of them. Although the governmental intent of the exchange is to simplify health insurance buying it is still complicated and confusing. Perhaps one of the most significant changes is that no insurance company can decline you because you have an illness or medical condition. The best thing is to discuss your health insurance requirements and budget with an experienced and knowledgeable health insurance agent. Call 1-866-657-8222 and talk to an agent at California Health Plans.

Post author Loren Pleet