Business Umbrella Insurance

Running your business requires careful management of cash flow associated with inventory, payroll, and every dollar coming in and out.

But do you have a plan in place to keep the unexpected major expenses from sending your balance sheet way out of balance?

What would you do if you were sued, and the judge ruled that you had to pay millions of dollars in damages? Your basic policies — auto insurance, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation — have limits that likely won’t cover catastrophic business events.

This is when your business umbrella insurance policy plays an important role.

How We Can Help
When you call us, we’ll examine your existing business insurance policies to analyze your potential remaining liability. We’ll  set up a simple business umbrella insurance policy to provide another layer of protection. If you ever face a claim where your primary coverage is not enough, your umbrella coverage will kick in to keep your business from being held financially accountable. That way, you can focus on the details of running your business without worrying about financial catastrophes.

Business Umbrella Insurance Covers …

  • Major incidents that cause an unexpected amount of damage to people or property
  • Claims excluded from your primary business insurance policies
  • Any large claim beyond the scope of the insurance policy that would typically cover it

Don’t Get Caught Uninsured
Lawsuits are only becoming more common, so protect yourself from being subject to a payout that will ruin your company. Call us today to assess your needs and set up a business umbrella insurance policy to provide peace of mind and protect the future of your business.