Health Insurance for Families

Health Insurance for Families

When it comes to your family’s health, it’s important not to take any chances. That’s why, even if you and your family tend to avoid illness, it’s important to carry a good health insurance policy. For many who work for large corporations, this means choosing from a limited number of options as part of the company’s benefits package. For these people, this is normally a good deal because the company often pays a portion of the premiums. But of course, not everyone works for a large corporation. If you are self-employed, unemployed, or work for a smaller employer, you may not be able to count on your job to provide health insurance for you and your family.

Factors to Consider
As part of the Affordable Care Act, it will soon be required for everyone to carry health insurance. With this, private family health insurance will be in even greater demand, especially since young adults are eligible to be covered under their parents’ plan until they are well into their 20s.

Traditionally, private health insurance can be expensive, which makes it all the more important to shop around and find the best option for you and your family. Some things that can drive down the cost of health insurance are choosing a high deductible and doing your best to keep yourself and your family healthy. This means avoiding unhealthy habits such as drinking, smoking and eating junk food. When family members avoid these bad habits and maintain a healthy weight, there is less cause for insurers to raise premiums. While not all policies require a health exam, those that do can often be more affordable to people who are in overall good health.

Tax Credits
Chances are, health insurance will be a significant expense for you and your family. For those who are making a relatively modest living, some relief will be available by taking advantage of tax credits that begin in 2014. These credits are available for anyone who has an income up to 399% of the Federal Poverty Limit.

In addition to these credits, a Health Savings Account can help assure that families can better afford health care costs without a further tax burden.

Shopping Around
Even when you are doing your best to keep your health care costs under control by making healthy choices and taking advantage of tax credits, as with any purchase, there is really no substitute for a little bit of informed comparison shopping. By working with an expert health insurance broker, you and your family can explore various health insurance options that will meet the needs of your family.

If you or any of your family members do have pre-existing conditions, your broker can also help you evaluate your health care options so that you can be sure of getting coverage for the care you need. Our insurance brokers work with trusted providers such as Health Net, Aetna, Kaiser Permanente, Blue Shield, and Blue Cross of California. Get a free quote today to fully explore all your family’s health care insurance possibilities.