Small Group Health Insurance

Small Group Health Insurance

As a small business owner or a small business employee, you don’t have time to get sick. If you miss work, you lose income. And without income, you can’t pay for household necessities or the medical treatment you need.

But illnesses and injuries happen.

Your kids catch the flu at school and share it with you, or you trip during a friendly game of basketball and break your arm. Do you have Small Group Health Insurance to pay for doctor visits, emergency treatment and preventative care? Don’t wait until you’re sick or injured to think about health insurance.

And don’t think about health insurance only when you need medical treatment for illnesses or injuries.

Use Small Group Health Insurance coverage to pay for preventative care. It allows you to see your physician for annual physicals and important screenings before you get sick. Additionally, you and your physician can work together to develop a lifestyle plan that keeps you healthy into the future. With preventative care, your quality of life and your health will improve.

You can access all the medical care you need when you buy Small Group Health Insurance.

The Dave Terpening Insurance Agency offers a variety of health care plans with your needs in mind. Provided by California Health Plans, our insurance coverage allows you to:

  • Visit the doctor
  • Access emergency care
  • Prevent illnesses
  • Receive the care you need

Let our agents and insurance coverage options give you peace of mind. You don’t have to choose between staying home and getting better or going to work. And you can afford medical treatment and your mortgage payments. Discuss your health insurance options with the friendly and knowledgeable agents at Dave Terpening Insurance Agency, Inc.

Do you want to get well and stay well? Call today to find out more about your Small Group Health Insurance options so you can take care of your business and your health.