Meetup.com Exercise Groups

February 27, 2013

Having an exercise partner is often the best way for many to maintain their exercise routine. Participating in classes at the gym is somewhat helpful but thanks to the Internet there is a “web” way of working out. Have you checked out Meetup.com?

Meetup claims that they are the world’s largest network of local groups. There are over 7 million members in 45,000 cities worldwide and rapidly growing. There are thousands of different types of Meetup groups and one of the popular categories is exercise.

The keyword “exercise” was entered with the ZIP of 90505 and 40 Meetup groups within a 10 mile radius appeared. There were general fitness Meetups, yoga, dancing, bicycling, outdoor, and other exercise related groups. It is easy to join a group, view the members, see the calendar, and review the feedback. Each Meetup has one or more organizers that are usually very enthusiastic about having their Meetup group be fun and beneficial to members.


If you are looking for new ways to expand your fitness activities and meet people then check out Meetup.com. There are many types of Meetup groups besides exercise. You may discover one or more that fits your lifestyle and interests. Everything from Bollywood to Cooking is available on Meetup. Becoming a member of Meetup.com is free while participation in group events may be free or require a small fee.

Post author Loren Pleet