Mexican Auto Insurance Is Important

March 15, 2013

US automobile insurance policies are not acknowledged by the Republic of Mexico, so tourists visiting this country should protect themselves and obtain Mexican Auto Insurance.


Before you travel by automotive to Mexico, make sure you have the right insurance coverage by following these simple steps.

Plan and understand your travel. Some parts of Mexico may not be included on some insurance policies, while some offer wider coverage areas.

Purchase auto insurance before your Mexican trip. Panic buying an auto insurance policy if you are already in Mexico could pose problems during your trip. Worries on the credibility of the insurance provider, coverage of the last minute policy or paying for higher premiums may shift your focus on your trip. Purchasing Mexican Auto Insurance weeks before your trip, can erase these worries.

Purchase auto insurance that is suitable for your needs. There are many types of Mexican Auto Insurance and the plans are not similar to each other in terms of coverage and the price of premiums. Purchasing the auto insurance with the highest premium will not ensure you full coverage particularly if the location you got stuck in or had an accident is not part of the policy. Before you sign any insurance contract, review the fine print and be sure the policy will meet your driving needs. You must review with the insurance agent about the places in Mexico that are included in the coverage, types of vehicles covered and the types of accidents or incidents you are covered under.

Select a credible insurance company. You can use online and personal resources to choose insurance companies that offer Mexican auto insurance. Reading online reviews and testimonials from customers will provide you a preview of what you can expect from a certain insurance company. Look for reviews from clients who had accidents while in Mexico.

Purchase your insurance policy. There are numerous companies that have online sites that make it easy to purchase auto insurance for trips to Mexico. Just remember to review the background of the insurance company and that will be covered during the entire trip without paying for expensive premiums.

Print several copies of your auto insurance policy. During the insurance claim process, the first thing you need to do is to show a proof of genuine auto insurance. Forgetting where you kept your policy or misplacing the policy can create more hardship. Print several copies so you can easily access needed information. It is ideal to print at least three copies – one copy for a family or a friend in the US, one copy to be kept in your wallet and another copy inside your car. It is also wise to save a copy in your e-mail as an online back-up, which can be retrieved anytime and anywhere as long as there is internet access.

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Post author Loren Pleet