Blue Shield of California and SHOP

Blue Shield of California and SHOP

Blue Shield of California May Be a Good Fit For Your Small Business

The California Medical Association founded Blue Shield of California in 1939. The San Francisco based organization is a non-profit health plan provider. There are nearly 65,000 physicians in the state of California who work with Blue Shield of California. Their values and missions are centered around the ultimate goal of providing healthcare for every resident in the state of California. They stand behind the belief that affordable, top notch health care should be able to every resident.

Blue Shield of California offers options for their customers that allow them reduce their out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare. They also allow them to choose the right coverage level for their particular income and needs. The provider places a high priority on assisting their customers with proactive care management through wellness initiatives, preventative care services, personalized long-term care management (i.e. for chronic conditions), alternative therapy (i.e. chiropractic treatments), and online access to medical resources.

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Covered California has approved Blue Shield of California as a Qualified Health Plan in the small business market in all 19 regions. As the only Blue plan providing SHOP coverage, they are proud to have sustainably affordable rates. Blue Shield has a 2 percent pledge, which means that they cap their net profit at 2 percent of revenue and give the difference back to Blue members and the local community. This means that Blue rates are set to cover health care expenses and not increase the company’s profit margin.

Blue Shield of California will have a wide range of PPO products available in through the SHOP exchange by July 2014, which will allow for small businesses to have even more choices for their coverage.

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