Chinese Community Health Plan and SHOP

Chinese Community Health Plan and SHOP

Consider Chinese Community Health Plan Coverage

In 1986, the Chinese Community Health Plan (CCHP) was founded. It is designed to be an alternative HMO for Chinese Hospital Health System patients. This health system has been serving Chinese-Americans who are unable to use standard health care systems for the past century. This practice ensures that they get the culturally-conscious health care that they deserve. Currently CCHP is accessible for Chinese-Americans who have residency and/or employment in the counties of San Francisco and Northern San Mateo.

There are a wide variety of plans within CCHP that are intended to cater to all of the health care needs of their customers. CCHP has 315 physicians in 9 hospitals strategically positioned in the greater San Francisco region.

Familiarize Yourself With SHOP in California

Individuals as well as small businesses are able to purchase Covered California. Covered California is offering health insurance plans to small businesses through six health insurance companies, including CCHP. This program is known as the Small Business Options Program or SHOP. These competitively priced plans come with a standardized set of benefits, a wide range of health insurance packages, and an extensive provider network.

SHOP is the only place where small businesses with purchased coverage for employees may receive eligibility for federal tax credits. Businesses with less than 25 full-time employees for a given tax year that pay employees less than $50,000 annually on average and that contribute a minimum of 50 percent of their employees’ premium cost are eligible for a federal health care tax credit. Businesses with 10 full-time employees or less with average annual wages of $25,000 or less are eligible for the maximum amount of tax credits.

Typically small businesses do not have access to the range of health plans and coverage options that large businesses have, but SHOP greatly expands the options. Initially SHOP is open to businesses with 50 employees or less. They intend to accept larger businesses in the future.

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