Contra Costa Health Plan

Contra Costa Health Plan

Get Comparisons for Health Insurance Prices and Packages

At Terpening Insurance, we know how hard it can be to find detailed information about the health insurance plans that are a good fit for you and your family or business. Even if you understand all of the details, you still may have trouble comparing various plans. We do that tough work for you. Our knowledgeable, professional staff takes the time to get to know all of our clients and provide comprehensive, personalized price and package comparisons.

Learn Why Contra Costa Health Plan May Be Right For You

Contra Costa Health Services is the largest  government department in Contra Costa County, with 10 hospitals and 5,000 physicians. They serve small and large business groups, county employees, older adults, individuals with disabilities, low-income populations, and children. Contra Costa receives a large portion of their funding from federal and state programs, such as Medicare and Medi-Cal, and program fees and grants.

Contra strives to do the following for all of its members:

  • Provide an integrated system of healthcare services, environmental protection, and community health improvement

  • Provide top notch health services that are respectful and responsive

  • Partner with patients, local communities, and local cities as well as additional education, health, and human service agents

  • Anticipate community health needs and provide appropriate adaptations

  • Promote ethical, innovative, and tenacious leadership in order to carry out effective health programs and policies

Get The Details About Covered California

Covered California is a health benefit exchange that assists individuals in the process of comparing and selecting health plans that best fit their health needs and income. The federal government provides financial help to decrease the costs for people who receive eligibility. Small businesses can purchase affordable health plans and give their employees a range of plan choices. These businesses may also be able to qualify for federal tax credits.

Free health insurance is available through Medi-Cal for qualifying low-income individuals and families. Premium assistance is available for moderate-income families in order to put private health coverage into a range that they can afford. There are online tools available for customers so that they can compare various affordable coverage options.

Covered California is an independent division of the California state government. It is their responsibility to make the new health insurance market work for the state residents. The governor and legislature appoint a board with five members to oversee the exchange.

Your Care Is In Reputable Hands

One of the things that sets Terpening Insurance apart from the crowd is that we have agents who specialize in a wide range of areas of insurance. This allows us to provide expert guidance for all of our clients, regardless of their needs. We strive to provide the best possible insurance coverage for every single clients so that they have protection against the risks that they are unable to afford. Don’t put off the decision to purchase health insurance. Give us a call today.