Kaiser Permanente and SHOP

Kaiser Permanente and SHOP

Kaiser Permanente Plans Have Numerous Advantages

Kaiser Permanente is an Oakland-based integrated managed care organization that was founded in 1945. It is the biggest managed care company in the United States with operations in nine states as well as the District of Columbia. This non-profit health care foundation is made up of the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and its regional subsidiaries, the Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, and the Permanente Medical Groups.

There are 17,000 physicians in the collaborative Kaiser Permanente system. These doctors have a strong commitment to the well-being of every Kaiser member. They are regional leaders in a number of medical specialties from rehabilitation to cardiology to oncology. There are three primary practices that are believed to play a large role in the high level of performance at Kaiser:

  • Offering salaried positions for physicians instead of paying per service, which significantly decreases unneeded procedures and testing

  • A high priority on preventative care measures in order to save both hospitals and patients money

  • Coordinating hospital stays so that patients can transition to outpatient care as quickly as possible in order to keep down costs

Are You Prepared For SHOP In California?

There are six health insurance companies that will offer health insurance options to small businesses through Covered California including Kaiser Permanente. The exchange used a competitive bidding process to select these companies. Health insurance companies and rates will vary in different regions of the state. However, typically the exchange SHOP premiums are comparable with 2013 small group market rates. On some occasions, small businesses will even save a little money on their premiums.

Just like the Covered California individual market health insurance plans, Covered California SHOP plans were drawn up with the intent of offering a robust provider network, a standardized set of benefits and a wide range of health insurance plan options. SHOP plans are competitively priced, making them readily accessible to employers and their employees.

As of October 1, 2013, small business owners with 50 employees or less can enroll in a SHOP plan. Coverage goes into effect on January 1, 2014. The exchange anticipates offering plans to larger businesses in the future.

Get Detailed Insurance Pricing Information

Are you dissatisfied with your small business’s current health insurance plan? Are you looking for new options that may be a better fit for your employees and their needs? Terpening Insurance agents are ready to get clients the details that they need to make well-informed insurance decisions. We make an effort to develop personal relationships with all of our clients so that we can provide advice that is appropriate for their needs.

Once we have some basic details about a client, we gather price and package comparisons for the area’s major health care providers. You always get to make the final call about the health care insurance that is the best fit for your small business.

We Are Ready To Assist You

We understand that the process of shopping for health insurance can be confusing and even overwhelming. Let us do their hard work for you. At Terpening Insurance, our experienced agents have extensive knowledge of and experience with a variety of insurance and will use it to your advantage. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that you and your employees have protection against the risks that you are unable to afford. Stop by our convenient Torrance location, complete our online contact form, or give us a call at (800) 585-1776.