Short Term Health Insurance

March 15, 2013

Short Term Health Insurance or STHI provides you with an insurance package of benefits similar in many ways to standard health insurance plans. This affordable alternative for health insurance is ideal if you are looking for a flexible plan that covers you for a short time period and offers you protection against unexpected health care expenses.

Medical Records & Stethoscope

STHI is often a cheaper alternative to insurance policies provided under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act or COBRA. You can obtain extensive coverage with STHI for unexpected medical conditions such as illnesses and accidents. However, pre-existing medical conditions and regular check-ups are not covered.

Short Term Health Insurance plans are ideal for individuals who are in transition such as:

  • Shifting jobs
  • Waiting for standard benefits from an employer
  • Temporary or contractual employment
  • A recent college graduate not under the insurance plan of their parents
  • Early retirees waiting for coverage from Medicare
  • As a temporary alternative to COBRA insurance

Short Term Health Insurance offers an easy and affordable alternative to provide insurance coverage for you during transitory points of your life. It has allowed individuals with financial constraints to obtain excellent coverage for a short duration.

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Post author Loren Pleet