Which Provider Is Right For My Family?

January 14, 2014

The Affordable Care Act has revolutionized the way Americans purchase health insurance. Recent legislation requires everyone to be insured under a qualifying health care plan or face increasingly costly penalties over the next few years. But it’s not just important that you get coverage – you need to focus on getting the right coverage, for you and your family.

Although the standards for care remain the same across the board, you still have the ability to choose your health care insurance provider. Here are some of the top options available for you and your family.

Anthem Blue Cross

Anthem Blue Cross has been one of the frontrunners in healthcare since its inception more than 70 years ago. Boasting a huge in-network provider list and some of the highest-rated plans available, this company is a great choice for families as well as individuals. With no-cost preventative care including check-ups and flu shots, as well as access to the top-rated University of California Medical Centers, Blue Cross offers comprehensive benefits and a wide range of pricing choices to ensure you get the best deal.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is consistently one of the top-ranked health insurance providers in the nation, and the northern California division — the top-ranked medical plan in the state, according to the 2013 report by the National Committee for Quality Assurances — does not disappoint. (In fact, all eight Kaiser Permanente regions around the entire country were ranked in the top 25.) An amazing wellness program ensures families and children always have access to preventative medicine, and the website is a veritable treasure trove of health related information, with more than 40,000 articles dedicated to healthy living, stress management and diet. Although Kaiser’s prices may be slightly higher than their competitors, you do get more bang for your buck.

Blue Shield

More than 300 million members can’t be wrong. Providing top-notch health care coverage since 1939, Blue Shield is another top option for families. The company has received “Excellent” accreditation status from the National Committee for Quality Assurances. The “ultimate” PPO plan features a $0 deductible and no annual limit on coverage; generic drugs carry a low $5 copay, and mental health coverage will run consumers just $20 per visit.

Health Net

Health Net offers individual and family plans at low monthly premiums. The network of in-plan providers is extensive, and Health Net offers comprehensive, easy-to-understand benefits. Great customer service and fantastic access to doctors and medical facilities makes Health Net a top choice.


Humana is one of the highest-rated insurance providers and features some of the least expensive premiums. With over half a million medical providers in its participating network and 4,000 hospitals to choose from nationwide, it’s easy to find providers and venues without incurring costly out of network fees. Add in the ability to tack on “extras” such as life and disability insurance to your policy, and Humana is one of the best choices for families.

California has many great options for family healthcare plans, but deciding which is best for your family can be tedious. Exploring all avenues of coverage can help you to save time and money in the long run. Find out everything you need to know about the new healthcare laws which took effect Jan.  1, 2014 with our comprehensive guide, and then call us at 1-800-585-1776 with any questions.

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Post author Loren Pleet