Travel Insurance is Vital

March 15, 2013

Before going on your summer holiday, review your travel insurance, or if you don’t have a travel insurance policy, purchase it weeks before your summer escapade. Travel insurance can be critical in case there are circumstances that make you cancel your travel plans, push you to return home ahead of time or require you to seek medical attention while abroad.

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Travel insurance is a method to protect you during your summer vacation by covering against travel hazards such as road accidents, illness, cancelled flights, lost baggage, or theft.

A travel insurance policy is important for anyone who wants exciting yet worry-free travels. However, before purchasing the insurance policy, review the fine print with your insurance provider to make certain that you have the proper coverage.

Expensive items you bring along, for example, a tablet PC or jewelry can be insured as part of your home policy, if you were robbed during your travels. If in case, your airline loses your baggage, they have the responsibility to compensate you with the value of your baggage with its contents up to a certain limit If you get sick or experience any physical injury while on a holiday, your existing health insurance may or may not cover your medical expenses.

Some of the common types of travel insurance include:

Lost Baggage – This insurance coverage compensates you for the loss or damage to your suitcases, luggage or hand bags you carry while traveling. List the contents of your baggage since if you lose them, your policy will compensate you for a portion of the value of the contents.

Travel Cancelation Insurance (TCI) – This insurance policy is very helpful when suddenly, you need to cancel or return home ahead of time. However, your insurance provider will compensate you if you encounter circumstances included in their list such as disease, injury, natural calamities, sudden death (member of your family at home or your companion travelling with you). Some travel insurance policies include health-related reasons while some will not allow them. It is important to read and understand the fine print of your policy.

Medical Emergency Transfer Coverage – If you are planning to take a holiday into a risky place, where medical facilities are not immediately accessible, it is strongly recommended to purchase this kind of coverage. If the local medical facilities do not have enough equipment for your health situation, you will be transferred to the nearest hospital with complete medical facilities.

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Post author Loren Pleet