Dental Insurance

March 15, 2013

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention nearly 1/3 of all adults in the U.S have untreated tooth decay. One in seven adults ages 35 to 44 has gum disease. One in every four adults ages 65 years and older has gum disease. Research shows links between periodontal disease and serious health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.


Proper oral care is important for maintaining good health. Preventive dental care is critical and having dental insurance with the right coverage is essential. Top health insurance carriers such as Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and Aetna offer excellent and affordable dental plans. Selecting the right dental insurance plan is often challenging unless one comprehends the different plan types and benefits. To help make an informed decisions we have created a list of important terms to become familiar with.

Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) – A lower-cost dental benefits plan that provides you with cost-effective care through a primary care dentist (PCD).

Dental PPO – This plans allows you to visit any licensed dentist to receive benefits. If you select a dentist that is part of the carrier’s network you will typically pay less for care. There is usually no requirement for a referral.

Dental Indemnity Plans – You can visit any licensed dentist in the U.S. There is no requirement for a referral.

Copay – you pay a set dollar amount at the time of service.

Coinsurance – you pay a percentage of covered expenses at the time of service.

Deductible – the amount you pay before your plan pays.

Annual Maximum – the maximum amount your plan will pay out in a plan year.

Referrals – the primary care dentist direct you to seek dental care from another dental professional.

Before you start evaluating plans it is best to right down the current health situation of your teeth and what you anticipate happening in the future. Do you anticipate needing major services such as oral surgery or orthodontics. If you teeth are healthy then perhaps a basic plan that offers preventive care is adequate. After you have made an assessment of your current dental condition and future needs then the next step is to use an online dental insurance plan quotation engine. California Health Plans offers a fast, online dental plan quote that allows you to instantly compare plans, coverage, benefits, and costs.

If you need assistance with dental insurance then please call a licensed agent at California Health Plans. 1-800-585-1776

Post author Loren Pleet