Providers Compared: Blue Cross and Blue Shield

September 23, 2013

Finding an insurance plan that fits your life is essential. Knowing the facts about insurance companies will help you determine which company is right for you.  For instance, two of the most well-known insurance companies in California, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, are both very reputable and established organizations.  In many other states they are virtually indistinguishable from one another. In California, however, they in fact have important differences.

Blue Cross: High Quality Health Insurance

Blue Cross of CaliforniaBlue Cross, formally known Anthem Blue Cross, is a for-profit company,  but have plans to make their services affordable for all income families and individuals. Blue Cross prides itself on being a high quality program that pairs you with only the best health care professionals and health assistance around. Blue Cross has a large network in order to provide you with many options of health care professionals. Blue Cross works with the highest regarded physicians, health care institutions, and medicine providers.

Blue Cross provides their clients with a program called 360 Health. 360 Health is a program providing all the health resources you need in one place. Members receive information, guidance, motivation,  and are referred to high quality physicians. 4 out of 5 people enrolled in this program become healthier and continue their new,healthier lifestyle.  Whether it is losing weight, lowering cholesterol, or reducing blood pressure, each plan is uniquely created for each individual.

Blue Cross members also have access to a 24/7 nurse, they can contact with emergency inquiries or simply to get advice when a sudden cold or flu occurs.

They also ensure their customers convenience by providing them with an easy online account to access medical and billing information.  Quality and convenience are major components in a membership with Blue Cross. It is one of the 13 major providers which will participate in Covered California,  the state’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Read more in our comprehensive guide, Covered California: Everything You Need to Know.

Blue Shield: Health Plans for Great Value

Blue Shield of California

Blue Shield prides itself on being a company for non-profit. The goal of Blue Shield is to provide quality insurance coverage to every person, family, or group in California, regardless of age or financial standing. Blue Shield works with those who qualify for medicare to help them find the right plan to fit their lifestyle. However, if an individual or family does not qualify for medicare, Blue Shield provides affordable plans to ensure they are insured.

Blue Shield has a “Healthy Lifestyle Rewards” program where people create plans to improve their health and nutrition.  If successful, they receive points and rewards towards their insurance program. They also receive motivation and guidance from health care professionals. Like Blue Cross, Blue Shield also provides its members access to a 24/7 nurse. The nurse can be contacted to answer questions or to help with various health concerns.

Blue Shield also has a Wellness Discount Program to make everyday health accessible to all income based people. They have partnerships with certain gyms and nutritional centers to give discounts to their members. They are focused on making total health an affordable possibility.

The Provider for You

When deciding with of the two insurance providers is best for your needs, it is important to remember which benefits are essential: highest quality, best value, or a total health  program. It is highly recommended to speak to an expert from both companies to learn more information.

Post author Loren Pleet