Chinese Community Health Plan

Chinese Community Health Plan

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Think About Chinese Community Health Plan Coverage

Chinese Community Health Plan (CCHP) was founded in 1986. It is intended to be an alternative HMO for patients who use the Chinese Hospital Health System. For more than a hundred years, this health system has been serving Chinese-Americans who have not been able to use standard health care systems, ensuring that they receive the culturally-conscious health care that they deserve. Today CCHP is available to Chinese-Americans who reside in or are employed in San Francisco and Northern San Mateo Counties.

CCHP has a range of plans designed to fit the healthcare needs of their clients. They have 315 doctors in 9 hospitals throughout the greater San Francisco area.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Covered California

Covered California is an independent component of the California government. There is a board with five members that oversees the division. This board was appointed by the governor and legislature. They are responsible for making the new health insurance market work for the residents of California. The initiative helps individuals and families compare and select health plans that are the best fit for their specific health needs and income. For people who qualify on a sliding scale, the federal government grants financial help.

Small businesses also have the option of purchasing Covered California. These plans are competitively priced and offer flexibility for employees to select from a range of plans. These businesses may also receive eligibility for federal tax credits.

There are twelve health insurance companies in California that are offering plans in Covered California’s individual market including CCHP. CCHP is also participating in the exchange’s Small Business Options Program (SHOP) market. SHOP provides affordable health insurance for small business employees. This initiative makes it easier for employees to provide a large range of health plans and coverage options. This range is comparable to the options that are typically available for large corporations. Initially SHOP will be reserved for businesses with 50 employees or less, but they plan to expand to accept larger groups in the future.

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