Western Health Advantage and SHOP

Western Health Advantage and SHOP

Why Will You Benefit from Western Health Advantage Coverage?

The local northern California physicians and their hospitals developed Western Health Advantage (WHA). This non-profit health plan is a competitively priced alternative to the costly national HMO bureaucracy, which many local residents find refreshing. They have been serving the area’s residents for more than 15 years. As of 2013, they have more than 92,000 members.

WHA consists of the UC Davis Health System, Dignity Health, and NorthBay Healthcare System with convenient locations throughout northern California. There are 15 hospitals and over 3,000 primary and specialty care providers in the system. They have a strong commitment to offering a stellar range of health care providers with strong reputations for their members..

One of the things that sets WHA apart from the crowd is their innovative Advantage Referral program. Instead of getting tracked into specific medical groups, members can choose from specialists anywhere in the network. Regardless of the type of care that you need, you have control over where and when you get it.

Get The Details That You Need About SHOP in California

WHA is one of six health care providers that has been selected to offer SHOP plans through the Covered California exchange. Small businesses with 50 eligible employees are less are not required to participate in SHOP and will not receive any penalties if they do not participate. However, many companies are going to make the choice in order to offer an extensive range of health care options, streamlined invoicing, and valuable online tools for their employees. These plans will be available to the half-million small businesses in the state. These businesses employ over 4.5 million individuals.

Currently SHOP is the only option for small businesses to receive federal tax credit eligibility for purchasing coverage. Small businesses receive eligibility when they have less than 25 full-time employees for a given tax year, pay annual salaries of $50,000 or less, and contribute a minimum of 50 percent of their employees’ premium cost. Small businesses with 10 or less full-time employees who pay annual salaries of $25,000 or less receive eligibility for the full amount of tax credits.

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