Simple Things You Can Do For Stress Relief

March 15, 2013

Everyone seems so busy all the time now; between work, family, friends, and just trying to take time and appreciate life, most people are constantly under pressure and are constantly feeling stressed out. It often seems as though stress is something that’s just now ‘tolerated’ and expected, and unfortunately, ‘accepting’ stress as part of everyday life can wreck havoc on your body and sanity, and if stress isn’t controlled well, it can and will end up penalizing the body physically.


It’s proven that high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, and other health complications can be prevented by learning how to manage stress, no matter how large or small.

Fortunately, there are simple ways you can de-stress, and you don’t have to go away to a pricey spa just to do so. Check out a few stress relief tips to see what you can do to relax:

Just Breathe!
Breathing in and out, deeply, is one of the best things you can do when you feel like you’re under a lot of stress. When you’re breathing that deeply, you’re putting your body back into alignment with your mind, and telling your body and mind to focus simultaneously, leaving you in a composed, relaxed state.

Turn Up The Radio!
Listening to your favorite music is one of the best ways possible to relieve stress, as it helps you take focus off of the things that are causing you stress. Next time you’re stressed, turn on the radio or listen to your favorite musician. Hearing something familiar will help you calm down and give you a few moments just to be ‘experiencing’ something rather than doing.

Keep Away From Being Overloaded.
In today’s world, there’s a large amount of information at our fingertips constantly, which means there are constant reminders of stress. Between cell phones, landlines, instant messengers, emails, and social media sites, people are constantly in communication and are contributing to the stress cycle by participating in it, or you’re doing something that’s creating stress for you, such as taking on too much at work. Try to take an hour a day, preferably more, and use this time for yourself. Turn off your phone and computers, and use this time to prioritize and practice other de-stressing tips like breathing deeply.

Don’t Hold In Your Stress
What happens to most things if they’re filled to the brim? They end up exploding because they held everything in! This can happen to you if you don’t have a means of stress relief, so whether it’s sending an email, making a phone call, or just meeting a friend for lunch, always find time to vent about your stressors. This isn’t complaining, and it’s healthy to get it out. Everyone has stress, so everyone will understand.

Don’t let stress run your life, and make sure you make time for yourself so you can find what relieves your stress. Doing so will lead to a healthier, richer well-being and you’ll find yourself creating less stress as time goes on.

Post author Loren Pleet